How to Create a Fully-Customizable Google Form

Look, we all know that Google Forms are really convenient and helpful, but their design and limited customization options leave a lot to be desired. If you’re using Google Forms for business, you may prefer Forms for its functionality, but because of its rigid style and limited customization, it can come off as unprofessional.

In this post, I will show you how to:

Create the Google Script that Sends Responses to your Email

Create the HTML

Bonus — Display Responses (Optional)

Step #1: Create the Google Script that Sends Responses to your Email

Create a new Google Sheet, name it whatever you want. However, the first column of your sheet should be ‘Timestamp.’

Next, go to Tools → Script Editor (special thanks to Martin Hawksey)

This script accomplishes everything we need, which is that every time someone responds to the form, it updates the spreadsheet and sends a notification to your email. Save the program and do the following to deploy it:

Go to ‘Publish’ → ‘Deploy as a web app’

Your email address is the default for ‘Execute the app as:’ and for ‘Who has access to the app:’ you must select ‘Anyone, even anonymous.’ Hit update and copy the script url.

Create the HTML

Save the below as index.html

Save the below as form-submission-handler.js

Note: In each fieldset, ‘name=’ must match the column name of the Google Sheet.

That’s it! You can style the page however you like. The form is now fully customizable, and each response gets sent to your email.

Bonus — Display Results (Optional)

If the form is something like a poll and you’d like to show the participant the results immediately after submitting, go back to the Google Sheet. Select File → Publish to the web → Select to publish only the chart. Copy the link.

In index.html you can add these lines of code beneath the thank you message:

Now, whenever a person submits a response, they can see the results in realtime on the same page!

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